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Mattress Details

Wieder sofas with the innovative I.B.S. BEST SLEEP mechanism ensure especially refreshing and healthy sleep! Leading Wieder's breakthroughs and developments is the innovative spring mattress I.B.S. BEST SLEEP (Integral Box Systems). This unique mattress is fabricated using the latest technology to maintain the mattress's uniform structure, prevent springs from loosening and guarantee the mattress's long-term comfort and durability. I.B.S. BEST SLEEP - all the advantages along and across the whole mattress:

• Full orthopedic support;
• Strong and Flexible spring system;
• Maximum comfort, in either reclining or sitting positions;
• Uniform structure, preventing flexure or loosening;
• Perfect protection of the bed's sides;
• Stability, beauty and strength for many years;
• Highest mattress quality for many years.

1) Upper comfort layer, sponge padded with quilts.
2) High quality polyurethane layer.
3) High quality flexible insulation layer.
4) Orthopedic support.
5) High quality Bonell springs system.
6) Bent and flexible health spine in beech wood.
7) Cast I.B.S. wall.
8) Insulation layer at the mattress's bottom.
9) Frame of mass wood.
10) Bedding crate cover.
11) Soft, insulating polyurethane layer.
12) Spacious bedding crate.
13) Bedding crate plating.
14) Corner metal support for perfect strengthening of the bed's frame.
15) High riser lifting device for easy opening of the lower mattress.
16) Lower mattress.

Wieder: Sustained reputation; new collection
Wieder, which specializes in the day beds and beds for teenagers, leads the furniture market in USA, and has been doing so for many years. Experienced craftsmanship, combined with state of the art, and most modern equipment lead to uncompromising meticulousness with quality as manifested not only by the high standard of manufacture, but also by innovative design. The Wieder's strong commitment to maintain the highest standards is made possible mainly by the nature of the company as a wholly family owned business. Wieder's new collection offers the same well-know quality in a line of splendid, new models with more technological innovations that places Wieder - and you - another step ahead.

The LATEX LAYER - put your head on it and feel the difference
Wieder's new collection invites you to enjoy another innovation that improves the quality of your sleep even more. Latex, offered as an option with most models, is a natural, anti-bacterial product that "breathes". The latex layer adds flexibility and comfort; and allows the mattress to take the body's shape and provide your back with perfect support. Rest your head (and your back) on it

Innovative BACK-UP Mechanism
Spoil yourself this year! Wieder presents its Back-Up mechanism to raise and support your head and back. The mechanism is fitted to a variety of sofas in Wieder's new line and it can be operated electrically, pneumatically or manually and let's you read, study, watch television or just loll in extreme comfort at any height you like.

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